Asbestos Textiles And Paper

Asbestos woven textile

About Asbestos Paper / Textiles

Due to its fibrous nature, raw asbestos can be spun and woven into textile cloths, garments and formed into a thin paper. This provides a form of textile that is highly resistant to high temperatures, flames, electrical fires and corrosive substances.

Asbestos woven produducts are found in a variety of forms including:-

Fuse guards within electrical boxes

Paper lining under linoleum

Paper lining on fibreboard

Ironing board covers

Fire blankets

Oven mitts

Theatre curtains

Sash window cord

Rope seals

Gaskets and washers

The manufacture of asbestos containing materials was phased out prior to 1999, any textile products installed prior to this should be assumed to contain asbestos until proven otherwise.

Asbestos In Woven Products

Paper and textiles will generally be constructed of 100%  chrysotile (white asbestos) unless mixed with other fibres.

Other types of asbestos have occasionally been used in the past including crocidolite (blue asbestos) however chrysotile has been used alone since at least 1970.

Like many asbestos containing materials textiles and paper can be left in situ and is not considered to pose a threat to health if in good condition and left undisturbed.

Asbestos textiles and paper are considered to be a non-licensed product by the HSE. You do not need to employ a licensed contractor to carry out any removal, encapsulation or repair works on asbestos cements and these works do not require a 14 day notification from the Health & Safety Executive.

Air monitoring is not required for non-licensed works however it is advisable once the works have been completed.

asbestos textile

If you have this material in your residential or commercial property and are worried it might contain asbestos our sampling kits are a perfect way to safely sample and test any paper or textile products.